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We are working together with companies across the globe to develop and manufacture
their products from idea all the way to a finished piece of furniture.

We can help you with:

• Developing ideas

• Visualization

• Drawings

• Prototypes/Samples

• Graphic designs

• Small to large scale cost efficient manufacturing

We have an extensive experience of product design and are a team with a wide range of skills.


OEM Process

We partner with you and our contracted manufacturers to obtain the most professional engineering and most cost efficient solutions for projects. Specification and engineering details is the starting point to secure that the prototype and sample is aligned with the final expectations. Our teams will verify necessary documents, tests, manuals and instructions to allow your product to sell well with no defects.

We discuss and elaborate with material choices to reach most competitive cost-levels which at the end are expectedfrom the end-user. Manufacturing is based on the master sample and will be supervised by our QC teams.


We produce products and components together with well-known companies with high expectations on quality and design.

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